Is Age Appropriate Dressing All In Your Head?+

Of all the questions my readers send me, the one I seem to get the most is a variation on...

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Bikini, Short Skirt – Why Not At Any Age?+

From Fabulous After 40 Last week I received this email from a reader in Toronto, Canada. Liz H. writes: Dear...

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Colored Jeans+

Have you been thinking about buying a pair of colored jeans, but not sure what to wear them with so...

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Sonia Kashuk Beauty Tips for Women Over 40+

Sonia Kashuk shares some of her Do’s and Don’ts about beauty for women over 40.

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5 Massive Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Too Old (or Too Young) and How to Get it Just Right+

How would you like to look Absolutely Fabulous at 40, 50, 60 and beyond? Sounds like a fantasy, right? Well it’s...

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